• Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic Care Nashville
    As a chiropractic doctor, Dr. Roth practices natural, drugless, non-invasive health care that relies on the body's ability to self-heal with state of the art therapies and techniques.
  • Weight Loss Management

    Nashville Weight Loss
    We have the most natural and non-invasive options to help reach your weight-loss goals. From ZERONA and body wraps to state of the art nutritional supplements...we get real results!
  • Nutritional Wellness

    Chiropractic Nashville Nutritional Wellness
    Here at Roth Wellness & Chiropractic we utilize the most cutting edge technology to help create balance and ideal nutrition that is tailored perfectly for your individual body!
  • Alternative Therapies

    acupuncture nashville tn
    We believe that you have options when it comes to healing and complete health. That is why we specialize in many alternative therapies including acupuncture and many others.

Wellness solutions for everyone... More Than Just A Chiropractor!

Your journey to superior healing and total wellness can begin today. We look forward to discussing the issues that you’re facing...working on solutions...and helping to implement those changes in your life. Dr. Roth is not a typical chiropractor ... she is a gifted healer that helps her patients achieve their best health and wellness. To facilitate the process, we need your help. Please review the information contained on this site. It will provide the basis for a productive first visit. Please call today to arrange an appointment at a convenient time. We look forward to seeing you soon.